When Healing Hurts

BY:  Britney Palma

EMAIL:  bpalma1987@gmail.com

BIBLE TEXT: “He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.” -Psalms 147:3 NLT

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  The majority of today’s society has labeled sorrow and brokenness as a form of weakness, although we all experience grief more often than not. We have taken the meaning of strength in character, and somehow, morphed it into one who doesn’t feel pain or as one who has the ability to deflect a direct hit of hurt.

I want to set aside the thought of whether or not an individual has experienced a broken heart because we all have had our share of hurt. The significance of the situation that had caused sorrow is not to be compared either because the weight of suffering from burdens and heartache is equal among all.  So, let’s set our sights on the principles of recovering from the effects of hurt. The reality is that it’s not the pain that cripples us, but improper healing of the wound from whence it comes. For most of us, we tend to hide our wounds with the thought of “if nobody knows, then it will go away.”  The problem with this is that a hidden wound has the tendency to fester and creates secondary issues due to lack of initial treatment.  At other times we allow our wound to be exposed with the expectation of healing through those around us. Anger and frustration swells when we find that people aren’t able to fix what has been broken.

Our Father says that He is the one who heals our broken hearts and bandages our wounds. He wants us to trust in Him even when it hurts the most.

As for me, my struggles have been with trusting Him with my deepest pains and sorrows. Fear of persistent agony and failure have restricted me from complete healing and growth. Like a child hiding an injury out of fear, I had hidden my own hurts. Our Lord is a gentle and knows the way to complete recovery, but we have to trust Him.



The realities of pain and sorrow are real, but in your grace and mercy, You have provided complete healing. Help us to replace fear with faith and remind us that we can trust you even when it hurts. Thank you for your patience as we learn to lean more on you and less on our own understanding. May every situation bring You glory and shine your everlasting light of love.

In Jesus Name I Pray,  Amen


My name is Britney. I am a Tennessee native, born and raised in the middle TN area. My husband’s name is Andres and we have three kids: Donavan, Chloe, and Serenity. I love doing  home reno projects, painting, drawing, writing, and watching/playing soccer.