If you clicked this page, then you probably want to know more about The Grove and what it’s like to be here. Coming to a new church can be really intimidating… we get it, so we want to make the process fun, informative, and seamless for you and your family. 

You’ve come to the right place!

First of all, The Church at Pleasant Grove is not a place, but rather a group of real, normal people who happen to gather at this location… and in whom Christ is doing something real and lasting. This means that we “have church” every day of the week through living honest, authentic lives together. We also happen to gather on Sundays. None of us is perfect, so come join us just as you are.


When we do gather on Sundays, everything is pretty casual. Our worship leaders and bands lead us to sing songs together that reflect the deep and encouraging truths of grace and the gospel. We have two main speakers who collaborate and share insights from God’s Word in creative, honest messages. You will also hear people’s stories of the life change they are experiencing in Christ and in real community with His people. Our goal here is to be genuine… this is a place where you belong because we are all learning to belong together in Christ.


We are so excited to welcome everyone back into the sanctuary on Sundays and we are hopeful that God will allow us to continue. In the spirit of preferring others and the safety of all, we have put procedures into place so that we may continue opening our doors and stay healthy as a united community.

Here are a few things to expect upon arrival:

  1. Masks (12 years of age and older) and social distancing will be required at all times while in the building. Sanctuary seating is pre-set according to our capacity and distanced for family units and those in your circles of community. An usher will be available to help seat you safely and comfortably.

  2. Our Frontlines team will be taking temperatures upon entering the building. This measure is being taken so that everyone entering can feel secure that we are working diligently to ensure the care and safety for everyone.

We will continue to live stream our services for those who are at risk or wish to stay at home. Our Grove Kids classes will also resume with new safety and sanitization procedures. The nursery is currently unavailable, but the room will be open for nursing or soothing a child during service. A live stream feed will be available in the nursery.

Checking In Your Kids: If you have children (2 years through fifth grade), our team will direct you to our Check-In areas at the main front entrance.  The Check-in team will help you enter your information on one of the screens and you will be given two printed stickers, one for you and one for your child. Just bring your sticker back when you check them out after service. Our nursery is currently unavailable, but will be open for nursing or to soothe a child during service. To watch a video on our current safety and sanitization procedures, visit the Grove Kids page.

The Broo Cafe: The cafe is currently not available, but we hope to reopen soon! All proceeds from The Broo help children in Calcutta, India.

Guest Services: Stop by and meet our team at Guest Services who are ready to meet you. You can fill out a Guest Card or you can stop by our website later to give us your information, just so we can say hi (we promise we won’t spam you or show up at your door with cookies, a casserole, or with… well, anything.) NOTE: While we do not give these out, we do accept cookies and casseroles.

Let Us Get To Know You. We know that you’re here to check out our church and we are grateful that you are doing so. We share this same goal, which is why we would love to get to know you as well. So either before or after the service, feel free to find someone with a lanyard (some of them will be near Guest Services),if you have any questions or if you just want to meet a new friend.


1. Fill Out A Guest Card either in printed form or online.

2. Join us for a virtual convo with the pastor, a fun call we host for you and your family every several weeks where we talk more about the church, our history, next steps, and above all else, your story.

3. Membership. This ain’t your grandma’s church membership course. In other words, we believe that membership in your local church should be synonymous with what it biblically means to be a member of the Body of Christ. We know that this is a far cry from the way most people view church membership, so sign up and take this course to learn more about what we mean. Also, we usually have donuts, so yeah…

4. Get into Community and Service. After Membership, we will help get you into a community group where you can begin to really be known by others and grow together as disciples. We will also help you find a place to get involved on the Serve Team. Membership is the pathway to all of these things.

If you have any questions, just email us here.